Monday, July 1, 2013

From rain to a million degrees


So at the beginning of last week it was nice and rainy...perfect for a walk with an umbrella. :)
Evie took the pacifier out of her mouth (she's getting really good with her hands), and she laid there talking to funny.


Vegan naturally I smothered them in butter and had a big glass of milk.
Finished Quilt! I love it! And Evie loves looking at all the patterns too...



Later in the week it got super hot so we went to the river one evening...Cali and Evie both loved it.
Evie was sitting on my lap and Cali runs out of the water, stops in front of us, and shakes all the water off her! Poor Evie was not pleased, so she buries her face in Caesar's chest for a few minutes.
I brought my silver paint pen to write on some rocks :)
She's a genius! ;) she was fussing while I was trying to comb out my hair so I opened the book and held it in front of her. She grabbed it herself and just stared and stared.

We are trying to eat out only once a week and we want to try places we have never been before. So we went somewhere called Viola's in Santa Rosa and it was SO good. For dessert I had chocolate mousse, which was delicious, but not as awesome as Caesar's fried apple pie. We will definitely be going back.

We went to the park yesterday and let Evie lay on a blanket under a tree...she loves looking up at those leaves.


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