Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby's First Vacation

So you may have noticed that it's not Monday. I delayed this post because till yesterday we were on vacation with my family in Monterey!
How cute is this house we stayed in? (I've decided when we have a house it needs a picket fence.)
On the ground floor there were the prettiest stained glass borders on the windows. That bedroom on the bottom right was our room. And look at the beautiful garden!

Evie and Caesar taking a nap together. Naps are EXACTLY what vacations are for...

We ate out twice for lunch and once for dinner and Evie was so well behaved. I know she must have been tired and overwhelmed a lot of the time but she was a little trooper. Also, she really likes licking the condensation off glasses. Really. As in, now when I bring a glass to my mouth and I'm holding her, she also brings her mouth over to get some. Silly girl. I guess I need to get her own water bottle soon. Just for the condensation.
I may have gone overboard taking pictures of flowers. But they're so pretty! And if the next three pictures are any indication, Evie agrees.
Sleepy girl smiling at her daddy.

One night Caesar and I went by ourselves to Fisherman's Wharf. We just walked around a little, but it was really fun. Kind of like a mini belated anniversary date. (Our third wedding anniversary was on the 18th.)

And he bought me these rings. I kind of love them. :) The blue one is aquamarine, Evie's birthstone, and the love ring is so pretty. Plus it seemed appropriate for an anniversary. :)
Couple family pictures. The top was also at Fisherman's Wharf, the bottom on the front porch of the rental house. We went with my mom, dad, grandma, Megan and her boyfriend Stephen, and Josh. It was nice that the house was so big (5 bedrooms) so there was plenty of room for all of us.
Driving home. I MAY have gotten a little bored and taken way to many pictures. Fair warning. (Look! Caesar got a new A's hat. We were THIS CLOSE to getting Evie one too, but they were too big still).
A very friendly squirrel that we fed French fries to at a bathroom stop at McDonald's. (I can't wait till Evie gets excited about stuff like this.)
Evie hates her carseat, so it was awesome that she ended up taking several long naps between stops.
We had lunch all together in Pescadero. And pie. Mmm, pie.
When she woke up she had a little chat with the ribbons on her blanket. She wasn't upset even if some of the pictures make her look angry. She just takes her conversations very seriously. (She talks like this to her bottle too.)
I saw these flowers by the side of the road (okay, freeway), and Caesar pulled over. And then Josh picked some for me. What nice guys, huh?
We drove thorough San Francisco on our way back and Evie was asleep again so I turned my camera outside. There's some really pretty buildings along 19th. Tricky to take pictures of in traffic, but pretty.

Artemis is fond of hiding under blankets. I think our animals missed us. (I have a baby and a kitty sleeping on me as I type, in fact.) For Evie's first vacation/road trip, she did SUCH a good job. She was patient and smiley and she took good naps. Where should our next vacation be? Still not convinced a plane would be as easy. Maybe another road trip...


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