Monday, July 29, 2013

A little bit of everything

This is how I spend a huge chunk of my day; with sleeping kitties and babies on me. Not the worst thing ever. Sleeping baby on me right now, in fact.
Oh and in case anyone wondered, this is what her "stop that now, I'm unhappy" face looks like.
A friend and I had a picnic on the green (Himalayan food again. Yum!) and it was getting a little chilly so we bundled Evie up. Such a cutie. She's been chewing on her bottom lip lately and I love it. She's so funny.
When she's not chewing on her lip, she's got that little finger in her mouth.
We took Evie along to the mall this week cause Josh needed to stop at the Apple store. This is what her expression was the entire time in there. She loved it...Caesar was at work, but he would have been so proud. His baby is an Apple girl. ;)

I made this to frame in Evie's room...she still loves when we sing her "The Rainbow Connection". Caesar sings it with a Kermit voice.

I also made an apple spice bundt cake. Why? Because yum, that's why.

Look at this face. How are we ever going to tell her no about anything?


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