Monday, April 29, 2013

Talking and Kicking


Just chillin' in her new bouncy seat.
The babies of the house...
Aunt Meg came to visit this weekend. (And took a bunch of Mama's pre-pregnancy clothes. Yay for closet space!)
This is what I see when I look down at Evie in the carrier....I like her. :)
Cali likes to climb this slanty tree at the park....(say hi to Caesar's feet!)
Rocking her to sleep on the swing set.

Evie and her cousin Anthony.



Sadly, Caesar had to go back to work this week. I guess I should be glad he was home for so long (almost 8 weeks!) but it's weird without him here....I think Evie misses him too. The other night when he got home she just stared smiling at him and told him all about her day. Smiley faced and cooing. :)

I can't wait until she learns to talk cause she already has so much to say! It isn't just cooing or crying anymore either; she has little whines and yells and noises that, once you get used to them, tell you exactly what she wants. I love feeling like I know what she is asking for. She is going to be a chatty one for sure....I wonder where she gets that?

She also never stops with the kicking and arm-flailing. She kicks her little feet so hard that I'm pretty sure if she were standing, it would sound like stomping. Maybe she is practicing for her teenage years with the stomping off and door-slamming I'm sure we have in store for us. Again, I wonder where she gets it from?


Monday, April 22, 2013

Smiley Faces

Evie's first bedtime story....Goodnight Moon, of course.
This girl loves her bath time!
First walk with the stroller...Daddy wanted to push it....
Playing our running game. Always gets a smile!

I can't just pick one photo.....such a funny little girl. :)

Hanging out with Grandma....

The Book Faire was at the Veteran's Building a couple weeks you think I got enough books? Sure hope she likes reading....


Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Baby Girl

It's been so windy this week that when we take walks that I LOVE Evie's little hoodie. (Thanks Amy!) It keeps the sun out of her eyes and her little head stays she looks kind of adorable when it's on. Caesar says she looks like a Jedi....a minty-turquoise Jedi...

She is discovering her tongue lately...also, she's getting much better at finding her fingers with her mouth.

You may have noticed that in most of these pictures she has no clothes on....this girl loves to be naked!

Cali and Evie sleeping on Caesar. Those cuddly girls....

Evie has been "talking" a lot more lately. She is always cooing at whoever is holding her and it's the sweetest thing. Also she smiles at us now which is kind of my favorite thing ever. Such a happy little baby...she loves when you take her ankles and move her legs like she is riding a bike or running. That almost always gets a smile.

Monday, April 8, 2013

One Month Old

So last Saturday marks Evie's one month old birthday....she is still pretty tiny (a little less than 9 lbs) but her expressions just seem so much older than one month. It makes me wonder what she is thinking about. Especially when she just stares up at us. She makes the cutest little cooing noises like she is trying to tell us....sometimes you can almost tell what she means.

Looking up at her Uncle Josh.

Look at that cute little face....

Cali isn't quite sure how she feels about flailing little arms and legs...especially when SHE is used to being the baby of the house. She gets all concerned when Evie cries though, it's very sweet.

We took our first trip to In and Out since she was born...
She's grumpy faced cause she had to stick to milk. ;)

That's me on the left, Evie on the right.
Same dress, same blanket, about the same age.

I realized I'm not in most of our pictures cause I'm the one taking them, so Caesar grabbed the camera a few nights ago and took these...that big one on the bottom left is my new favorite.

This is in the woods behind the park that we go to...
Cali LOVES chasing squirrels there.

I love using the wrap to carry her in...we can go so many more places (like these woods), plus she doesn't get all annoyed from having to buckle her into the carseat.

This is in the rocking chair I recovered with the baby quilt my Grandma C. sent. I remember loving the quilt when I was little visiting her house (it reminds me of rainbow sherbet ice cream), and I REALLY wanted it. She remembered that and sent it for Evie while I was pregnant. :) I'll be taking a picture set up like this each month, I think.

And now for a round of Caption-That-Photo!
What would the best caption for this one be?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


So we recently had a new little person enter our lives....on the 6th of March, our little girl Genevieve Erin was born. (We are calling her Evie for short.) We think she's pretty great and I have developed the new mom problem of not being able to stop taking pictures of her. Seeing as how I would like to share these pictures but I don't want to overwhelm anyone's Facebook feeds with all of them, I will be posting said pictures here. :)

I think having a post every day would probably be overkill, (not to mention I'm a little busy with Evie) so I think I will try posting once a week. I'll make an attempt to post on the same day each week, but we will see how that goes. And I'll most likely be including a little info on what we have been up to to give you an idea of our new life around here. We can start on that next week I think.....for now here are some pictures to catch you up to now. Enjoy!

Here is her little nursery....

The tiny cat (September) is slowly making friends with her.

From the bouquet that was waiting for us when we brought Evie home.

Look at all her cute little faces!

We took her on her first walk last week....Mom and Dad's baby Cali is very protective of her. :)

Her Easter dress....from her Abuelita Delgado. (I couldn't help putting the bunny ears on her...)

Baby's first bath today! When her feet first touched the water she started fussing, but as soon as she was in the little tub she loved it!

She is picking her head up for longer and longer....she likes to look at her Daddy. :)

Wow, that's a lot of pictures....hopefully it won't be slow to load for anyone. (There shouldn't be quite this many pictures each time if I post once a week, though.)

I was thinking I should try posting on either Mondays or Sundays...beginning/end of the week sort of thing I suppose...what do you think?