Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Baby Girl

It's been so windy this week that when we take walks that I LOVE Evie's little hoodie. (Thanks Amy!) It keeps the sun out of her eyes and her little head stays she looks kind of adorable when it's on. Caesar says she looks like a Jedi....a minty-turquoise Jedi...

She is discovering her tongue lately...also, she's getting much better at finding her fingers with her mouth.

You may have noticed that in most of these pictures she has no clothes on....this girl loves to be naked!

Cali and Evie sleeping on Caesar. Those cuddly girls....

Evie has been "talking" a lot more lately. She is always cooing at whoever is holding her and it's the sweetest thing. Also she smiles at us now which is kind of my favorite thing ever. Such a happy little baby...she loves when you take her ankles and move her legs like she is riding a bike or running. That almost always gets a smile.

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