Monday, August 26, 2013

End of summer

So I need to change the settings on my camera or something cause all the pictures I have of Evie sitting up are BLURRY cause she won't stop wiggling!
Except when she's sleeping. Pretty non-blurry then.
When she first wakes up in the morning sometimes I just take her over into bed with me. And we lay there for awhile all lazy together until she gets upset that I haven't changed her diaper. And then the day begins.
We went to the last Wednesday Night Market this week and got apple pie, fruit, and some beautiful dahlias. Oh and Evie tried a piece of nectarine and loved it so much she cried when I took it away.
She loves flowers (she tried to eat them), and Elmo's song. She gets all excited when we turn it on.
Trying her first banana. In spite of the look on her face, she kept trying to pull my hand closer. For some reason she didn't want to grab it herself, I think cause it was a little squishy. And she hasn't quite figured out the whole swallowing food thing yet, so most of the banana squished back out. (Ew.) But she liked it.

And this is what I have laying across my lap right now. In other news, today is Megan's last first day of college and Josh's first first day of college. I love the fall. And bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils. (quick, what movie!?) Happy school season everyone!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello goodbye

My mom showed Evie some YouTube videos of Elmo singing....and Evie loves it. She gets so intent when she watches. And here's a bigger picture of the third image...I finally captured her little nose wrinkle that I love so much!

Lemon cupcakes with lemon and blackberry swirled cream cheese frosting that I made. They were for 1) Josh, because he left on Friday to move to DC for college, 2) Chantelle, because she got back on Thursday from Panama to go to the JC here, and 3) Megan, cause she finally got a place this weekend in SF with a whole room(!) to herself. Yay for everyone!

Me, Cali, and Evie hung out on a blanket at the park while Caesar did his running. Poor Cali wanted SO BADLY to chase him, but there were too many other people around.

Wow, just noticed there's lots of sleeping pictures....oh well, she's cute. :)

She can pretty much sit up all by herself now. Still a little tippy, so we need to be right next to her, but she never wants to lay down anymore.

Silly happy baby when she first wakes up....

Cutest dress ever that my aunt and uncle gave us from Panama...we have two different colors, and I'm so excited that they finally (kinda) fit her. The ribbons are adjustable so she will be able to wear them for a really long time. Love the bright colors on her.

I guess I need to lower that crib mattress...


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Five months old


How cute are they? Evie definitely looks like her daddy when she sleeps.
Me, my dad, Evie, and Cali spent almost an hour the other day just hanging out at the park. Dad and Cali played frisbee, and Evie watched and laughed. It was so sweet...I think she wanted to play too. She also touched grass for the first time, and when the ice cream guy rode by, we got Popsicles. Evie wanted some SO bad, I swear she was glaring at me. Cali wanted some too, but SOMEBODY gives her whatever she wants so she had more than half of Dad's. I'm sure Evie will be equally as spoiled when she gets bigger.
Lazy girl.
I got my paints back out, and this was the result. It's in Evie's room right now, and the light looks a little yellow in this picture, but I really like how it turned out.
Ok, so this is her preferred method of napping. I obviously only let her have blankets when I'm literally right next to her the whole time she's napping, but she loves cuddling with them. Mostly they help her GET to sleep; once she's out I take them away.
This baby is usually pretty lazy when she's waking up. It's so cute, she just lays there looking at me and then soon she's smiling and stretching and just being all sweet and happy. I hope she stays like that. I want her to always come be cuddly with me when she's sleepy.
We gave her water. She's a fan.
We also gave her mashed potato. Less of a fan.
It's Meg's birthday tomorrow (21! Woohoo!), but we celebrated this last weekend. She requested pineapple upside down cake that I MAY have spiked a bit with rum. I mean, 21, right?

Oh yeah, I redid Evie's activity center thing...forgot to take better pictures of week.

Caesar's dinner last night at Flavor Bistro. I may not love the whole sunny side up egg, or the burger itself for that matter, but it did look tasty.


Her expressions in these monthly pictures are getting so varied. I can't pick just one!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Kisses and cake


We got Evie an activity center thing from the consignment store a few days ago, but she hasn't gotten to play with it yet cause I'm making it pretty. (Of course.) Hopefully I will finish it soon and get some pictures up next week.
My baby is learning how to kiss. And by "kiss", I mean "slobber on/try to eat" my cheek. It's cute.
If we stuff a blanket in with her, she's just big enough for her booster seat.
She was eyeing my food so I gave her a piece of spinach. She didn't really eat it, just kinda gnawed at it. That little tooth did poke a hole in it though.
My brother in law and sister in law both had birthdays this week so I made cake. Not that I need a reason to make cake, I just happened to have a good one this time. It was devil's food cake with strawberry jam and whipped cream filling with a cream cheese frosting. Mmm. People should have birthdays more.

She likes to eat her feet. Bendy little girl.

It was so cute! Evie was asleep and Artemis came and curled up next to her, fell asleep, and started purring. Adorable.

These are Evie's puppets. The opossum's name is Conan O'possom and he's from Monterey where Gma B got him for Evie. She and my dad got the otter there too (Harry Otter). And the alpaca finger puppet is from when my sister went to Washington/Canada. His name is Al Pacachino. (Haha...I crack myself up.) ;)

Ice cream! We get it at Rite Aid cause it's both cheap and delicious. A perfect combination. Although when Evie's old enough to have some we may have to switch to single scoops or we will have a lot of melted ice cream on a very little girl.

Silly girl has been doing this thing where when I feed her, she arches back until she can see Caesar. (If he's home). So she's basically eating upside down. But don't take that bottle away or she gets all annoyed. So upside down, it is.