Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Five months old


How cute are they? Evie definitely looks like her daddy when she sleeps.
Me, my dad, Evie, and Cali spent almost an hour the other day just hanging out at the park. Dad and Cali played frisbee, and Evie watched and laughed. It was so sweet...I think she wanted to play too. She also touched grass for the first time, and when the ice cream guy rode by, we got Popsicles. Evie wanted some SO bad, I swear she was glaring at me. Cali wanted some too, but SOMEBODY gives her whatever she wants so she had more than half of Dad's. I'm sure Evie will be equally as spoiled when she gets bigger.
Lazy girl.
I got my paints back out, and this was the result. It's in Evie's room right now, and the light looks a little yellow in this picture, but I really like how it turned out.
Ok, so this is her preferred method of napping. I obviously only let her have blankets when I'm literally right next to her the whole time she's napping, but she loves cuddling with them. Mostly they help her GET to sleep; once she's out I take them away.
This baby is usually pretty lazy when she's waking up. It's so cute, she just lays there looking at me and then soon she's smiling and stretching and just being all sweet and happy. I hope she stays like that. I want her to always come be cuddly with me when she's sleepy.
We gave her water. She's a fan.
We also gave her mashed potato. Less of a fan.
It's Meg's birthday tomorrow (21! Woohoo!), but we celebrated this last weekend. She requested pineapple upside down cake that I MAY have spiked a bit with rum. I mean, 21, right?

Oh yeah, I redid Evie's activity center thing...forgot to take better pictures of it....next week.

Caesar's dinner last night at Flavor Bistro. I may not love the whole sunny side up egg, or the burger itself for that matter, but it did look tasty.


Her expressions in these monthly pictures are getting so varied. I can't pick just one!


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