Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello goodbye

My mom showed Evie some YouTube videos of Elmo singing....and Evie loves it. She gets so intent when she watches. And here's a bigger picture of the third image...I finally captured her little nose wrinkle that I love so much!

Lemon cupcakes with lemon and blackberry swirled cream cheese frosting that I made. They were for 1) Josh, because he left on Friday to move to DC for college, 2) Chantelle, because she got back on Thursday from Panama to go to the JC here, and 3) Megan, cause she finally got a place this weekend in SF with a whole room(!) to herself. Yay for everyone!

Me, Cali, and Evie hung out on a blanket at the park while Caesar did his running. Poor Cali wanted SO BADLY to chase him, but there were too many other people around.

Wow, just noticed there's lots of sleeping pictures....oh well, she's cute. :)

She can pretty much sit up all by herself now. Still a little tippy, so we need to be right next to her, but she never wants to lay down anymore.

Silly happy baby when she first wakes up....

Cutest dress ever that my aunt and uncle gave us from Panama...we have two different colors, and I'm so excited that they finally (kinda) fit her. The ribbons are adjustable so she will be able to wear them for a really long time. Love the bright colors on her.

I guess I need to lower that crib mattress...


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