Monday, August 26, 2013

End of summer

So I need to change the settings on my camera or something cause all the pictures I have of Evie sitting up are BLURRY cause she won't stop wiggling!
Except when she's sleeping. Pretty non-blurry then.
When she first wakes up in the morning sometimes I just take her over into bed with me. And we lay there for awhile all lazy together until she gets upset that I haven't changed her diaper. And then the day begins.
We went to the last Wednesday Night Market this week and got apple pie, fruit, and some beautiful dahlias. Oh and Evie tried a piece of nectarine and loved it so much she cried when I took it away.
She loves flowers (she tried to eat them), and Elmo's song. She gets all excited when we turn it on.
Trying her first banana. In spite of the look on her face, she kept trying to pull my hand closer. For some reason she didn't want to grab it herself, I think cause it was a little squishy. And she hasn't quite figured out the whole swallowing food thing yet, so most of the banana squished back out. (Ew.) But she liked it.

And this is what I have laying across my lap right now. In other news, today is Megan's last first day of college and Josh's first first day of college. I love the fall. And bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils. (quick, what movie!?) Happy school season everyone!


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