Monday, September 2, 2013

Birthdays and applesauce

Petting an unsuspecting/sleeping Artemis.
And having a little visit with September on Grandma's lap.

Evie tried applesauce for the first's the first thing she's tasted that she has gotten excited about. She's had a bit every day since, I think. And she's not just tasting it either...she's definitely getting a lot. Also playing in it, of course.
There's banana in this one...tasty, but not a favorite like the applesauce.

Chantelle's birthday was on Saturday. Contrary to the candle, she is not 2, she is now 20. We may need to restock our candle supply.

More applesauce! She used to just scrunch her nose for a second, but now she is always giving us this big toothy grin (can a grin be toothy with just one tooth? If she had more teeth would it be a teethy grin?) with a wrinkly nose and then she breathes really fast almost like she's laughing. It's now my favorite thing ever.

She loves loves loves her granddad and being outside. So she was basically in heaven here. Silly, happy girl.

Oh, also, it was my birthday on Sunday and I got some delightful gifts (mostly crafty stuff), and I'm happy to report that I didn't have to change one diaper. (There was even a poopy one). A very happy birthday to me indeed!

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  1. Your blog is so well put together and your photos are wonderful. I love occasionally popping in to see how Evie is growing.