Monday, September 9, 2013

Six Months


I brought an apple to eat at the park the other day....Evie decided she wanted some too.
Apollo is probably the best pet with the baby...he comes over to her and rubs against her hands, starts purring, then flops over so she can pet him. What a good kitty.
On the way to the beach!
Evie had been to the beach once before, but it was all rainy and foggy and she didn't have fun at all. This time, she loved it. So happy the whole time.
First car wash drive thought the other night! She didn't get scared, just had HUGE eyes and a very serious little face as she took in everything.
She had her first taste of rice cracker this morning. She seemed to really like it. I think we may give her those during our meals so she gets used to sitting and eating at the table...
And now my little munchkin is 6 months old. She's getting so big!

And so uncooperative for her monthly photos...I had that coming, I suppose. Her personality is so much fun to watch develop...

I know, Evie. You crack me up, too.


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