Monday, September 30, 2013


Munching away on rice cracker.
She's always got her little ankles crossed.

Our other baby

Looking up at her daddy.

Cali found Evie's bath very interesting last night. They both especially like that rubber ducky.

Playtime! Her Grandpa got her that Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal on his last business trip.
Cups and blocks are some of her favorites....

When Evie plays on the ground, she periodically twists around to whoever is nearby and lifts her arms up to be picked up. She gets cuddled for a minute, then she wiggles to get back down and keeps playing. So sweet.

Standing up like a big girl...she likes being able to see everything, so she's not as crazy about being on her belly.

Sleepyhead. All that playtime is such hard work.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Poor baby had her shots this last week and she was NOT happy. I love how snugly she gets after though...cuddly baby all day.

Caesar joined a baseball team locally and his first practice was this week. Me and Evie went to watch. This girl loves being outside.

Caesar and I went to the A's game on Friday...we thought about bringing Evie cause she probably would enjoy watching, but decided to leave her with my mom since it was a night game and a long drive. We ended up sitting right behind a guy with his six month old baby. Of course. So we spent the whole time missing Evie. (Though we obviously enjoyed the game. 11-0 A's!)
We couldn't not bring Evie something back from the game...
And it was Star Wars themed fireworks night after the game! This is the third year we have been...they're always so good.
I was trying on my poncho and we thought we would see if Evie fit too :)
Caesar's first game was Sunday. It was fun to watch...I think Evie will like going every week to watch her daddy play.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Caesar!


Evie at the park. So thoughtful.
And quite a little diva.
Oh look. ANOTHER little diva.
First slide! She completely doesn't care about it one way or another. I guess either way I am holding her, so what's the difference, right?
When Evie is in the right mood, she can spend a good while in this little seat...we have to put a couple pieces of foam beneath her feet cause she doesn't quite reach.


Just munching on some rice cracker.
Caesar with his birthday breakfast this morning. Omelette Express!

I made a wall filled with pictures representing Caesar's favorite things. The idea was to have a sort of photo booth area in front of it and I love how it turned out. Totally worth the forever I spent on it.

Let's all just take a minute to appreciate the RIDICULOUS CUTENESS of this photo.



Monday, September 9, 2013

Six Months


I brought an apple to eat at the park the other day....Evie decided she wanted some too.
Apollo is probably the best pet with the baby...he comes over to her and rubs against her hands, starts purring, then flops over so she can pet him. What a good kitty.
On the way to the beach!
Evie had been to the beach once before, but it was all rainy and foggy and she didn't have fun at all. This time, she loved it. So happy the whole time.
First car wash drive thought the other night! She didn't get scared, just had HUGE eyes and a very serious little face as she took in everything.
She had her first taste of rice cracker this morning. She seemed to really like it. I think we may give her those during our meals so she gets used to sitting and eating at the table...
And now my little munchkin is 6 months old. She's getting so big!

And so uncooperative for her monthly photos...I had that coming, I suppose. Her personality is so much fun to watch develop...

I know, Evie. You crack me up, too.