Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Poor baby had her shots this last week and she was NOT happy. I love how snugly she gets after though...cuddly baby all day.

Caesar joined a baseball team locally and his first practice was this week. Me and Evie went to watch. This girl loves being outside.

Caesar and I went to the A's game on Friday...we thought about bringing Evie cause she probably would enjoy watching, but decided to leave her with my mom since it was a night game and a long drive. We ended up sitting right behind a guy with his six month old baby. Of course. So we spent the whole time missing Evie. (Though we obviously enjoyed the game. 11-0 A's!)
We couldn't not bring Evie something back from the game...
And it was Star Wars themed fireworks night after the game! This is the third year we have been...they're always so good.
I was trying on my poncho and we thought we would see if Evie fit too :)
Caesar's first game was Sunday. It was fun to watch...I think Evie will like going every week to watch her daddy play.


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