Monday, January 27, 2014

Selfies. Lots of selfies.

In which Grandma and Grandad are in Vegas, and Dad has been working late all week so there are a great many pictures of just Mama and Baby, mostly with Crazy Morning Hair and all with No Makeup. And we Facetimed a Lot so many of these are screenshots off my ipad. And/or selfies. Enjoy.
(Also, Moping Cali makes several appearances. She is Pouty when her dad is gone...)


The End.


Monday, January 20, 2014


Here's two weeks worth of photos...we were all a little under the weather last week, so I didn't post.

Pretty sunset the other night.
This is Phoebe. She comes to our yard every day and we watch her eating berries. She's the only one we have seen of this type. (a Black Phoebe. Hence her name.) There's also two bluebirds that stick close to each other, some Oregon Juncos, a couple little brown and yellow ones I forget the name of, some cedar waxwings, and this huge robin.
First spaghetti. She mostly threw it over the edge and gnawed on a crust of garlic bread. Kept her busy quite a while.
Saw this Elmo doll (that talks and hugs!) a few weeks ago for half off and couldn't not get it for her. So glad we did.
Is this not the saddest little face you have ever seen? (She just woke up and was waiting on a dirty diaper, haha. I think she would rather have stayed asleep.)
My babies :)

She basically has the run of the living room for playtime now and every so often I lay down on the floor and hide under a blanket. She immediately makes a beeline for me, crawling, and wiggles under the blanket with me. All smiles, and lays her head on my belly and looks at me. So precious. Then she crawls back out after giving me cuddles and continues playing.

Also, she makes kissy noises now. If you blow kisses, or say bye or goodnight, she puckers her lips and kisses back. I've never seen a more affectionate baby. I think I'll keep her ;)


Monday, January 6, 2014

10 months old

It's so cute, she is starting to copy what we do...she thinks it's particularly funny when we blink hard and she copies us.
Painting time! She still isn't super interested in it, but she seemed to like it a bit. And despite what this picture looks like, she didnt eat any.
Crawling and scooting everywhere.
I WISH this was a shot of her winking. It's actually halfway through her copying me blinking but I love it.
Aunt Meg and Uncle Josh went back to school this week after the holidays...she will miss playing with them.
When my friend Lauren and I were twelve, our youth pastor and his wife had their first daughter. They now have three kids and they've grown up with me and Lauren as their babysitters. Now she is twelve and going to be Evie's babysitter! She came over the other day to play with us and it was the cutest thing how Evie already loves her.
Evie does this thing where she tenses her whole body and makes a face like she's gritting the teeth she doesn't have, haha. We always can't help laughing and she's figured that out so she keeps doing it and then grinning at us like she's happy she's funny. Goofball.
I built a blanket tent for Evie and she kept sitting still in it then jumping out at me. She loves making people laugh already.
Yes, it is two months till her birthday, but if I don't start doing the crafty stuff for her invitations and party soon, I know I'll end up doing it last minute.

All done! Besides waving hi and bye, and pointing, this is the first sign she has picked up. She knows a bunch of others when I sign to her, but this is the first she has done back.