Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

The tree on Christmas morning! Evie had fun opening stuff...she already knows when someone is giving her something and she gets all excited. So sweet.
She got so many fun toys...she has always loved her little rubber ducks so we got her a giant one and she kept giving it kisses and she said her first word! Duck :) I actually woke up yesterday morning to her pointing at it and saying duck duck duck over and over.
And just yesterday she said big girl! Now we are working on cat and dog. :) My grandpa gave her that big stuffed dog on Christmas Eve and she gives it hugs and kisses. And that isn't a real iPhone on the floor there; we got her a fake one cause she loves ours so much. We figured she would see right through one of those colorful plastic kid ones.
Evie and Caesar both go Packers beanies...
Wearing her onesie from Uncle Josh and her cutest-ever converse from Uncle Gus....they are a tiny bit big for her now which is perfect so she can wear them longer. I LOVE them.
...yeah, she can get LOUD.
She points at EVERYTHING now. What she wants, where she wants you to take her, who she wants to go to, everything. If you ask where something/someone is she points at it. Just in the last week or so since Christmas she has gotten really communicative. When she indicates something and it's clear we get what she's saying she gets all pleased with herself for getting her point across.

She can just about slide down by herself now. If you set her at the top of the little slide she scootches forward till she slides down. We spot her just to be sure she doesn't bonk her head but she is really stable by herself.

New Year's Eve! My family always gets together with the Tolson family and this year was the sixteenth in a row we have spent it with them. At one point we were all sitting around the table with Evie in her high chair. She was babbling away, happy to be a part of the conversation. And literally two minutes before midnight she woke up crying so I just brought her down with us to ring in the new year. She got a teeny little sip of sparkling apple cider to celebrate. :)

After everyone left we went to bed. Caesar fell asleep first and Evie sleeps between us so when I laid next to her she rolled on her side to face me, took my face in both hands and pulled me so our foreheads were touching. We both fell asleep like that. She is a mischievous little girl but also the sweetest thing ever. It was a wonderful way to start the new year.

I hope your celebrations were as sweet as ours :)
(Here's the Christmas card that lives on the fridge....)


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