Monday, April 29, 2013

Talking and Kicking


Just chillin' in her new bouncy seat.
The babies of the house...
Aunt Meg came to visit this weekend. (And took a bunch of Mama's pre-pregnancy clothes. Yay for closet space!)
This is what I see when I look down at Evie in the carrier....I like her. :)
Cali likes to climb this slanty tree at the park....(say hi to Caesar's feet!)
Rocking her to sleep on the swing set.

Evie and her cousin Anthony.



Sadly, Caesar had to go back to work this week. I guess I should be glad he was home for so long (almost 8 weeks!) but it's weird without him here....I think Evie misses him too. The other night when he got home she just stared smiling at him and told him all about her day. Smiley faced and cooing. :)

I can't wait until she learns to talk cause she already has so much to say! It isn't just cooing or crying anymore either; she has little whines and yells and noises that, once you get used to them, tell you exactly what she wants. I love feeling like I know what she is asking for. She is going to be a chatty one for sure....I wonder where she gets that?

She also never stops with the kicking and arm-flailing. She kicks her little feet so hard that I'm pretty sure if she were standing, it would sound like stomping. Maybe she is practicing for her teenage years with the stomping off and door-slamming I'm sure we have in store for us. Again, I wonder where she gets it from?


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