Monday, May 6, 2013

Two Months Old


.....oh, Caesar (*shakes head*)
We had a little reunion with some of the people from our birth class...all these adorable girls are March babies. From left to right; Elleanor March 4, Genevieve March 6, Franki March 12, Brynn March 16. They're all so cute! It was so much fun seeing how similar all their little movements and expressions are cause they are all so close in age...maybe they will be friends growing up :)
Day and night she loves her bouncer...the little toy bar lights up and plays surprisingly-not-that-annoying-music. She kicks and waves her arms (hence the blurry photos) and she talks to the lights above her. Adorable. That little red snail toy is her favorite, she's always staring at it.
For some reason this week I have a ton of sleeping pictures....there is something about a sleeping baby that just makes you want to pick her up and cuddle her. Which, of course, wakes her up and that's the end of that.
Oh hey, what's that pile of clothes there? It's ALL THE CLOTHES SHE HAS GROWN OUT OF ALREADY. Not happy. Stop growing, little girl.

Exactly two months ago this little face was almost an hour old. And we thought she was cute THEN. ;) But as much as I want her to stop growing and stay this little, I can't wait to see how she will change even more as she gets it even possible that she will get cuter?



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