Monday, May 27, 2013

Adventure is out there!


Froggy hat!
This was taken by Caesar....looking at her daddy like he's crazy.
And, Cupcakes! 95 mini ones to be exact. (and delicious.) We had a family gathering with both our families on Saturday so people could see Evie and we could celebrate Josh's graduation. (He actually graduates this weekend, so I'm sure I'll have pictures of that next week.)
Uncle Julio, Uncle Marco, Uncle Gustavo, Uncle Josh.
Aunt Megan and Aunt Chantelle.
Spacing out at the leaves with Grandma and Granddad.
Ok, I know this looks like she is grumpy, but I discovered that she loves to lay in the hammock with me. There's leaves above it that she likes to look at and she keeps falling asleep while we are out there. In case anyone wonders, it's quite tricky to get her inside still sleeping when she does that. Basically we should just stay in the hammock.

My friend Lauren is home visiting, (Insert joke about The Laurens, Lauren squared, etc. HaHa.) so we went on Evie's first adventure to the beach. It was wonderfully foggy and drizzly so we couldn't stay long, but that's just as well cause Evie just wanted to sleep. We had fun anyway walking around and taking pictures. Hopefully next time it will be sunny and Evie will be awake.

Until next Monday...


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