Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Bobble-Head


Naked baby! She tries to hold her head up almost all the time now, which is so cute with her little head bobbing everywhere, trying to see everything.
Look what I did to her hair! I know. I KNOW. Little alfalfa baby.
Megan and I took an aerial silks class. It was such a blast. Obviously we can't do tons yet and my arms were SO sore, but I would love to keep doing it.
Evie's first trip to the mall!
Josh graduated on Saturday. It was horribly hot, so of course I took the opportunity to make use of tiny sunglasses.
We hung out on the grass for most of the ceremony so we could keep out of the sun. Evie laid on a blanket on the grass looking up at leaves of course. She was quite the happy camper. Till I pulled out the camera.

AW!!! That's Josh and his friend-since-they-were-tiny-and-adorable, Chad. (Actually, he's my friend Lauren's little brother too.) Done with high school and off to college! Congratulations guys!

So Evie had her first laugh. It was completely precious and I accidentally got it recorded! Not sure how to post video on here, but it's on my Facebook. Also, she is starting to grab things. Which is so cute when you're holding her and she's clutching your shirt, but less cute when it's your hair. (I'll be rocking a ponytail for the next couple years.)



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