Monday, June 24, 2013



We found these pictures of Caesar and I and discovered we had the same toy! :) also, Evie is the perfect mix of the two of us. Surprise, surprise.
These are at about 6 in the morning....she's so happy when she first wakes up, she just stretches out her little legs and smiles at us. Until she gets annoyed with her diaper, and the day begins.
This is what I see out the bedroom window from where I usually sit on the bed with Evie...our backyard is like a jungle, and I love these pink flowers...does anyone know what they're called?
When Evie woke up at sunrise a few days ago, I took some pictures because it was so bright and pretty outside. The photos don't quite show how orangey-pink the sky was, but it was beautiful. I see more and more sunrises lately. Thanks for the wake up call, Evie!
It has begun. Splashing in the bathtub. She used to just sit there all mellow, but now she throws all her energy into flailing all her little limbs.

We love the park...I think maybe on Caesar's next day off we should take a blaket for Evie to lay on under a tree. She loves looking at her leafy branches and we have never taken her out of the sling/stroller at the park, so I think she would like it.

Yes. September got herself stuck in a tree. This is why she is an indoor cat.

This little giraffe plays "Talk to the Animals" from Dr. Doolittle (the ACTUAL movie, not that one with Eddie Murphy) in pretty music box music. It was Josh's when he was a baby and now Evie loves it.

Smiling at that cute baby in the mirror.

She generally stops smiling when she sees the camera (of course), but now she has discovered that there is a screen on the back of it....she likes screens. (Again, of course)



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