Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

So I realized last week I didn't have very many pictures...I may have overcompensated this time :)
When she starts putting her hands to her face, you know she is getting ready for a nap.
Some fuzzy smiles in the mirror.
Also a bit fuzzy, but such a sweet face...that smile was for her daddy of course.
Her bouncy chair has this banana toy and when you pull on it it makes monkey sounds...she did it all by herself on Sunday morning!
...I accidentally left the flash on...oops.
The quilt top that I started when I was pregnant is finally done! And the fabric I needed for the backing just came this morning, so maybe next week I'll have a finished quilt to share.
Tummy time! She generally loves it when we put her on her belly, but a couple days ago when my mom tried to, Evie made a face and rolled to her back! She'd never rolled herself before :)
I was eating my lunch while Evie napped and I looked up to see slightly opening eyes...."please let me finish my lunch, little girl..." (She did.)

My brother's birthday is this week, so I made these cruffles (cake truffles) to send him. (I'm pretty sure he doesn't read this, but if he does, oops, sorry Mark...and Happy Birthday!)
This is how we watch the A's game at our house...
Our kitties September and Artemis.
It seems that Evie's hand is delicious. Also, fun fact; that top picture is awfully similar to Caesar's "are you crazy?!" face. Huh.
She sleeps so much longer when someone is cuddling her.
I love this drooly face. Certain expressions she makes often look like one or the other of us, but her smile is all her own. I love it.
I also made this Vegan Blueberry Almond Cake...SO good with a cup of tea. It's gone now :(
Me and my dad when I was about 4 months; Evie and her dad when she is about 3.5 months. Same stripey blue jumper. Same squishy cheeks.
I just love this picture because I almost got her little nose wrinkle that she does for a second when she favorite.
We went to Scandia for Father's Day, where Caesar enjoyed bumper boats and batting cages with his brothers. Then we got Chipotle and ice cream cones....we should definitely make it a yearly tradition.


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