Monday, May 13, 2013

Lullabies and Butterflies


We gave her a pacifier for the first time this last week....she likes it, but she doesn't have to have it, which is what we were hoping for in waiting till now to give it to her.
And this is why we gave her the pacifier.
These were taken at four in the morning....she makes the lack of sleep worth it. :) That last picture looks like she is laughing but she hasn't quite gotten there yet. Her face is ready, she just isn't making any laugh sounds. She's so close to laughing and I can't wait!
Big Strong girl holding her head up.
Smiling on her changing table. I think that is her favorite place. She almost always starts smiling and talking when we put her there. There are pictures all over the wall to her left and some butterflies on canvas I made behind her head....she particularly loves the butterflies.
I made this tiny house out of clay and seashells. The door opens and closes. I have it on her shelf beneath the globe right now, but I hope when she gets a little older we can have a small potted garden together where we can put tiny houses and things to make cute little scenes. My thumb is not quite green, (it's more that brownish gray color plants turn when they die), so I hope if she starts growing things when she's young she might enjoy it.
Looking out the car window.
Four Generations (and Cali)
Check out all my First Mother's Day goodies! My cousin Chantelle had gifts for me, my sister Megan sent a box for my mom and I, my Grandma got me a sweet card, and Caesar and Evie got a gift. It was such a nice surprise....I think I like Mother's Day ;)
Sometimes I sing to Evie to help her fall asleep if she is a little fussy, and this week we discovered a new favorite song. She likes The Rainbow Connection. I downloaded the Muppets version from iTunes, and sometimes we sing along with Kermit. Very cute when she stops fussing and just listens to the singing while she drifts off to sleep.


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