Monday, May 20, 2013

Busy, busy....


If Evie is in a reclined position (like propped on my legs when I'm sitting down), and you get her to grab your thumbs, she pulls herself up to a sitting position. And obviously, she loves it. :)
Hanging out with the tiny cat. (Who doesn't seem quite so tiny next to Evie).
I made these cupcakes the other day. Yellow cake with brown sugar Swiss meringue buttercream. Not that impressive normally, but I did it all with a sleeping baby strapped to my chest. Now I have no excuse not to make goodies all the time! (Right?)
She ALWAYS has her arm up behind her head like this, especially when she is sleeping, which is super cute cause that's how Caesar sleeps too. (With his elbow in my face.) But she keeps pulling her own hair in her sleep and waking herself up! Silly girl...
On Friday my mom's aunt and cousin came to see Evie. So I guess that makes them her great great aunt and her first cousin twice removed. Jeez. I think we will just call them aunties. And my dad got home after a two week business trip and my sister came up for a couple days, so she was giving everybody cuddles.
I SWEAR we did not coordinate our outfits. None of us talked about it or changed or anything. It was just a happy coincidence that made for a great picture.
I love these photos. I'd love to take credit too, but my sister took them.
On Saturday we went to celebrate Caesar's cousin's first communion and we got some photos with Abuelita and Abuelito Delgado.
Then we went and introduced her to the Swansons, whose kids I used to babysit. They're so big now! And Ashley, the oldest, will be one of Evie's babysitters soon, I'm sure. :) Evie did so well....we were out all day and she hardly fussed at all till we got home. Social little girl.
On Sunday we all went to Maker Faire in San Mateo. It was so much fun, but because it was hot and kinda far we left Evie at home with my mom. (And she wore the appropriate onesie for a day with Grandma.) We were gone almost all day and its the longest we have ever been away from her. It was a fun day but I missed my baby. So I got her some goodies. :)
They didn't have this in her size, so she will have to grow into it. There were also some that said Baby Geek and ones with just Baby on them, which is what Caesar wanted to get. "What if she's not a nerd?" he said. And I laughed.
Not a nerd? We also got her these Pacman Ghosts. And we have picture books like "Vader's little Princess", and "Pat the Zombie." Not a nerd? With parents who see every midnight showing of any comic book movie and who recently bought Star Wars episodes IV-VI on BluRay, I think it's a little too late for that.
We also got Cali a bow tie. Bow ties are cool.

Cuddles with Daddy before he goes to work.


We have this little monkey blanket rattle thing and I shake it in front of her and make it kiss her cheeks. And she smiles at it. So precious.

She also has recently started giving herself a little smile when we stand next to a mirror, but that has so far proven impossible to get a picture of. (You try holding a baby and a camera and capturing the perfect smiley, in-focus shot.) Maybe next week.


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