Monday, July 8, 2013

Four Months

And now, my rendition of "My Favorite Things", from The Sound of Music.

"Tea in my new mug,

And flowers for no reason,

Baby smiles,


And rain out of season.

Homemade cake,


And babies who "sing",

These are a few of my favorite things.

When no one calls me, and baby's crying, when I'm feeling sad...I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad!"

TA DA! But really, they are some of my favorites. (I know that picture of the rain/umbrella is a couple weeks old but it's true, and it rhymed.)

So, Evie has discovered that she has control over her voice. And BOY does she know how to use it. (See video on facebook) I thought she was chatty before, but no. She just yells and babbles and "sings" and laughs away, all the time. No noise, she's probably sleeping.

This is the quietest she will EVER BE.

Happy 4th of July! We got all matchy and took some pictures, then just hung out and had a little BBQ with my family. We didn't take Evie to the fireworks cause Crying Baby? No thanks. But Caesar and I went and it ended up being a nice relaxing quiet day.

The cake was what I made for dessert on the 4th. Caesar thinks the middle looks moldy but it's just blueberry jam. I also picked some cherries from the backyard and made a cherry sauce thing. Mmm. The cake is pretty basic. Just weigh 3 eggs and add that much sugar, butter, and flour, plus a teaspoon baking soda, a splash of vanilla and a couple tablespoons milk. (Cream sugar + butter, add eggs one at a time, then flour, then the rest,bake at 350) Nice and simple. I think it's called a Victoria Sponge Cake? Something like that. Anyway, it was delicious.

And Caesar brought me flowers. :)
The resaurant we picked this week was the Himalayan restaurant on the Windsor Town Green. I think it's actually called...Himalayan Restaurant. Yeah. But we got it to go and ate on the grass with Evie and it was SO good. We had the Veggie Masala and now I'm hungry and want more. But the picnic part was really fun; it was nice to just hang outside the three of us with no tv or ipad or anything. And Evie enjoyed her leaf-watching of course. We will do this more, I hope.

And LOOK! We saw a rabbit! Just being all cute on the Green munching some grass. Caesar thought I was silly for getting excited about it, but I can't wait till Evie is big enough to either; a) get excited with me, or b) roll her eyes at me with her dad. My money's on a. I mean, it's a bunny, right!?

Talking to her paci. Because things don't need to be animate for this girl to carry on a conversation.
Tummy Time!
Also, she still enjoys eating fingers, and not just her own...she was born with that tooth on the bottom so beware!

And now my baby is Four Months old. I've decided she should stop growing now.



  1. I miss that sweet girl! And you too, of course...

  2. A comment! I like comments! And I like that it's from you. :) I miss you and your littles'll be back here tomorrow, yes? Haha...