Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Fruit


This is how Evie looks when she first wakes up in the morning. All sleepy eyed and smiley.

Walk into Evie's room and, Oh Look! Artemis has claimed the changing table as his bed. And my dad was gone this past week, so that picture of Cali is pretty representative of how she looks when he's not here. Mopey puppy.

New toy from Grandma
Giving kisses to her Miss Monkey Face blanket.
She has recently started sticking out her tongue like a little lizard...makes it look like she's concentrating on something.
Evie has been VERY interested in our food lately, so the other night we let her taste a piece of watermelon. The look on her face initially was priceless, but soon she was grabbing my hand with the watermelon and pulling it closer to her mouth. Safe to say she liked it, I think.
Last night we went to celebrate Caesar's dad's birthday, and Evie got in some playtime with her cousin Anthony. What cuties.

I felt like having more than just cereal this morning, so I made myself a Big Delicious Breakfast of fried potatoes, fruit, and an egg and cheese sandwich on French bread with spinach. Mmm.

Evie still slouches a little in her high chair, so when nobody's around to hold her and I'm hungry she sits in her stroller while I eat. She generally doesn't fuss till I'm 3/4 of the way done, which in this case was when she saw me eating the strawberries. Poor baby REALLY wanted some, but those little seeds would probably give her some trouble for now.
This is Humptey Dumptey. He goes way back to when my older brother was a baby. He and Evie are quite close. Besties, you might say.

We also got her some of those frozen teether toys, which she loves chewing on, but tries not to touch with her hands for too long, which is pretty funny.

There are millions of apricots and cherries in the backyard. So today we all headed out in this beautifully not-to-hot weather to collect some. I'm thinking of making apricot cherry crisp? So there is nothing to distract from the freshly picked summer fruit. Except butter. And sugar. Mmm. Yes, I think a nice crisp or two will be perfect.

Evie helped us pick the fruit.

Then she played tickle monster with Grandma.

And now she's taking a nap. It's hard work being a baby.



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