Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Almost a toddler

The doll I'm making for Evie's birthday....after this picture was taken, I made a dress for her. She still needs a name though.
She's so cuddly. Sometimes when we are playing she just comes and sits with me for a while.
Caesar claims this is Evie taking a selfie.

Brushing our hair. She likes brushing everyone's hair, including via FaceTime.

A fabric matching game I'm putting together for her birthday.

Mmm. Peanut butter.

We have two of these rocking chairs. They were mine and my older brother's when we were really little. Evie likes to climb in and out of it. She's very proud.

She got her first birthday cards today. Two of them, from her great grandparents.....naturally, she liked the envelopes best, but it was so sweet watching her carry around her special cards when I brought them in from the mail.

She signed change today. (As in diaper change) She's only going to technically be a baby for one more day. Last Sunday was her due date. One year ago tomorrow morning around six am I started having my first contractions. Took a walk around 11 and that made them stronger. Caesar was at work, and by the time he got home around 8 I was VERY uncomfortable, haha. We went to the birth center at one in the morning and I was far enough along that we got to stay. (We chose the birth center over a hospital because it felt more like a home and it was a very relaxed environment. I'm also glad I didn't have the option of painkillers or anything since I had no idea what it would be like but I wanted to try it without them. I'm glad I did it; it was so hard, but I never felt like I couldn't do it.) Evie joined us the next morning at 11:22 am. We cuddled her all day and took her home that evening. And she was and is perfect. :)


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