Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One Year (!) Old (part 1)

Fair warning: I I have not even attempted to whittle down these photos....I thought her birthday pictures should be stared without filter :)
Grandma and Grandad got Evie this little pool....we promptly filled it with blankets and pillows and she has quite enjoyed climbing in and out if it.
Birthday morning she woke up to balloons filling the living room.
This is the doll I made as her gift...so far her name is Dolly, haha



I also made some laminated cards with photos of family members so she can learn to say everyone's names. And she said Josh! It was so sweet, she said it while we were face timing him so he got to hear. That's the first name she has said besides just Mom, Dad, Grandad, that sort of thing.

Birthday cake! Applesauce Spice cake with orange cream frosting and white chocolate roses.

Make a wish


Could not stop laughing....

Really dig in....

Do you think she liked it ok?
Thanks for the cake, mom.
Here dad, have some frosting in your eye.
Hanging out with uncle Gus


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