Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One year (!) Old (part2)

(Yep. There are so many pictures that when I tried to post it kept crashing so I had to split it in two. That's normal, right)

Her ducks all dressed up and ready to party!

Evie loves buttons so I made some button flowers for the table

Cousins. They are just the cutest...she loves him.

Yum, sand.
Playing with the flowers with Uncle Julio
She had a WONDERFUL time at her party. So many people came to play with her and give her presents (which she loves) and she had so much fun with everyone. Tasty food, the slide, presents, flowers, a new ball, sand, bubbles, balloons, and her family. Doesn't get any better than that.
She colored! Mostly she just wants to eat crayons, but she did this all by herself in the sketchbook we got her! I'm keeping it forever :) I can't wait till we can make art together. Picked up some finger paints to try soon, so that should be a total mess, haha. Oh and she signed thank you for the first time today! So at least she will be messy with manners ;)
This is on a canvas that I am going o hang in Evie's room. It's not quite finished yet. I love having all twelve months right there to compare to each other....she's so big now! I can't believe she was born a year ago....my sweet, funny, beautiful, silly, affectionate, happy girl. Happy Birthday Geneveive!



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