Friday, February 7, 2014


Hmmm. Himalayan food. I think I'll have the peas.
We had the windows open on the way home, which she thought was hysterical. Ooh also, she didn't here in this picture, but she has a second tooth poking through now! Right next to that one on the bottom.
My cuddle buddy.
Ok, she was SUPER into the Puppy Bowl on Superbowl Sunday. Yelling and laughing and pointing and just generally being a fan.
So snugly. It was hard to get a picture, but here she was walking back and forth between Grandma and Grandad. She has been stumbling back and forth for a week or so now with little help, but we weren't counting it as walking until she was actually balancing her steps and not just falling forward with her momentum. Today was the day! She took lots of very sure steps all over the place. She's very pleased with herself.
The braided Tshirt rug I'm working on....I'm trying to only use shirts we are getting rid of and not buying anything for it....anyone got any cotton tshirts to toss? I need pretty colors :)

My sweet girl. She does this all the time when we are playing. Just scoots over to me for a little hug.

New shoes from Grandma and Grandad!
Look at her go...

First trio to Costco/ First time successfully sitting in a cart.

Also, I'll have to try and get a picture of this, but one of the first things we bought when we found out we were having a girl is a Jessie cowgirl doll. From Toy Story? A nice big one. And she knows what it is. When we ask her where Jessie is, she looks around and points to her, grinning. And then she picks her up and gives her hugs and kisses. It's soooo cute. Evie is just so affectionate. And when she is going to sleep and I lean over to kiss her head, she grabs my face, spits out her pacifier, and kisses me back. I love her. :)


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