Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Evie had some avocado for lunch at Lupe's. Do you think she liked it ok? (This took EIGHT wipes to clean up. She got it EVERYWHERE.)
Here she is hugging Harry Otter. He's a puppet and she loves him.
They're in cahoots, I tell ya.

She almost always insists on carrying something while she walks. Look how proud of herself she is. So smug... :)

The baby doll used to be mine...she loves giving it hugs and kisses.

In the bottom picture she is making her kissy noises.
Caesar gave me the Kermit and Miss Piggy for Valentine's Day :)
Naked girl face timing Gma. Who, by the way, was just downstairs. Evie just likes to FaceTime.
I'm crocheting some fingerless gloves. I love them so far, and I think I'll make Evie some tiny ones when I'm done with mine.
She LOVES books. She likes to bring them all to us at the same time. And she wants them all open together. To read them all at once.
These are all this morning. She is crazy. The one in the top right corner is what she has just recently started doing. She puckers her lips like that in a little duck face and that's how she blows raspberries. She thinks she is very funny. (She is).
She wasn't crying. She was talking. Loudly.
It was so funny, this morning she kept crawling or walking over to this fuzzy blanket and face planting on it and snuggling. Over and over again. (See below)
And again, she thought it was just hilarious. Which, again, it was.
So cuddly. Usually while she is playing she periodically comes over to where I am to get hugs for a minute.

Happy, silly girl.


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