Monday, October 7, 2013

Seven Months

Beautiful day at the park...
This is from when my siblings and I were really little...we hung it in the window of the living room cause that's where Evie plays and it gets great light streaming through it most of the day.
Big girl with her new winter boots. Oh, and that's the activity center toy thing we got a couple months ago. I took most of the toys off, replaced some, and covered the seat to match her rocking chair.
I had some grapefruits that were getting overripe so I made some super tasty grapefruit curd. And what goes with super tasty grapefruit curd? Super tasty scones. Mmm.
Yes, they were watching the A's game.
Little sleepyhead cuddling with Daddy.
The other day when I was at the store I bought her a few things and when I got home she was fussing so I pulled them out to show her one at a time. She got SO excited when I handed her the new things, it was adorable. So we put them all on at once. Boots, mittens, Raiders jersey. I think she likes presents. And pink.

Seven months old! Getting so big, so fast...


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