Monday, October 21, 2013

Busy Baby

She really like knocking things over. It took awhile to teach her that...I used to build towers, knock them over and then clap and smile and now she knocks them over and laughs herself. :)

She's totally going to skip crawling. She can skootch around on her belly but she is really not fond of it. She'd much rather stand up holding my hands and wobble around than crawl.

Just finished the top of a new quilt. I'd love to have a nice little stack of quilts in my living room to use as throws during cold mornings....Evie really likes all the different patterns on her quilt, so I think she will like this one too.
She had just woken up here. Still all sleepy eyed.
And this isn't a very good picture but we were having so much fun...every time I laughed she just cracked up so we both laid there giggling. My silly baby.

Sweet Potatoes! She sure loves her food.

We keep the toys in the living room in this big basket. Evie really likes having the basket right next to her so she can dig around and get what she wants.

Although what she wants is usually her Grandma's wireless mouse. We turn it off and let her click the buttons, but she's not allowed to put it in her mouth so when she starts to we put a hand in her way and say no. She gets it, but it makes her grumpy, which I hate to say is adorable. See below.


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