Monday, April 21, 2014


First Starbucks! It's just warm foamed milk....but SO much fun.

She really enjoyed her beans, rice and cheese.

On one of Caesar's days off we took her to the river where she had so much fun splashing in the water and she didn't want to leave. We will definitely have to go back, it was a blast.

Afterwards we went and got ice cream, and Evie had one of those little sample spoons. She would hand it to me and sign please, then after tasting mine, do the same to Caesar. And back and forth, back and forth.

There were the prettiest flowers by the river so we took some pictures.

I was asking Evie for different signs to try to get her to look at me. This is "please".
This face. She can't fool me....I know her tricks. :)
Kissy, affectionate girl.
Grandad, Evie and I went to the restaurant at the little Santa Rosa airport. We sat outside on the patio so she could see all the planes cause she had just started signing "airplane." She had fun watching the planes, and she had some of Grandad's garden burger and some ice cream and berries for dessert. And THEN, when we were getting ready to leave she spotted a baby at a nearby table and was so excited. So much excitement for one day! We stopped and said hi for a few minutes and she just loved seeing another baby. I need to set up more play dates for her....

I was tickling her and she was trying to escape. She's so funny though, whenever she DOES get away when we are tickling, she stops and signs "more." She loves to laugh.

(I do have Easter photos, they're just not uploaded yet. Next time!)


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  1. Wow it sounds like her signing is really coming along! That's so great I bet that really makes communication much easier between you and her.