Monday, November 4, 2013



Her very first art project! She actually didn't care much about the paint, I just put some on her hand and then smeared it around on her pumpkin.
Our costumes...not that we went anywhere. We were gypsies. Or pirates. (Never let it be said that I can't throw together a costume!)

Mmm, orange.

And this is how we spend all our time. Bending over so Evie can walk everywhere. It DELIGHTS her and if you try to put her down, HOW DARE YOU PUT HER DOWN. She was WALKING.

And this is right now. So sweet. Oh, she made (what I'm calling) her first joke today. My mom was holding her and I reached for her and she would reach back and then at the last second turn away and bury her face in my mom's shoulder. Then peak out at me and grin. Over and over and over. She would reach for me KNOWING that she was going to pull away last second. "Psych!" Little Stinker.

Also, she is beginning to try high fives which is so cute cause it greatly amuses her when my hand hits hers. She's pretty fun around here.


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  1. Those are really nice park pictures :) Oh, for the record, those are Aunt Meg's first shoes Evie is wearing (they're the smallest ones we have)