Monday, December 9, 2013

Nine Months Old

We went to the craft fair this past weekend. Didn't end up getting anything for ourselves, just Evie. One pair of booties, two hats, and three headbands. And she got to wander around outside in one of her new hats, which was adorable.
She has always loved peek a boo, but now she likes to grab the edges of the blanket herself and bury her face in it while she tries to pull it over her head. I love that she has a sense of humor...she likes to repeat actions that she has noticed make us laugh.
My mom's tomatoes...I just though they were pretty. They look like a traffic signal, haha.

I love her laugh...this will probably make no sense to anyone else, but I have always thought that if her laugh were a tangible thing it would be bubbles. :)

She's so good at waving now. And she almost always "says" hi too...I think it may end up being her first close!


Couldn't pick just little cutie girl. She is getting so mobile just in the last couple days. She still dislikes crawling so she scootches along on her butt and she's pretty fast!

We are just busy around here putting up Christmassy things....Evie loves the lights. And the ornaments, of course, when she can get her little hands on them. Hopefully ,more pictures next week; I've just been busy with some crafty gifts that need to get in the mail. Love this season! (Even the freezing temperatures! Just means more warm fire and fuzzy socks...)

Oh also, a couple pictures I missed from Thanksgiving week cause they are from Caesar's phone...

Brownies from Mom's birthday. (Shh, that was the only candle I could find. The brownies made up for it.)

Sleepy smiles.


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